Stupid is as Stupid does

Forrest Gump

I heard many things about intelligent or dumb people. And I want to give you a picture how I see it. There are two people. One is not so smart but hardworking. The other one is a smart guy but hardly working. So who do you think will achieve more? Maybe you say the second, but I assume you say that because you are a lazy person. Have you ever read or heard interviews with successful people. All they have in common is that they work crazily hard and on 9GAG it was for a long time a meme that lazy but smart students go to McDonalds working. And not in a leading position. For me this picture is true for many attributes people assign to other people. There is the potential and what the actually do with it. And the adjectives do not differentiate between those. It maybe even puts the potential over the action. So a smart guy that only sits around may seems more intelligent than a not so smart one that puts his thoughts into practice.

I think most of you have huge potential but when you don’t use it it is worthless and for me you aren’t so smart or intelligent.