Real is what you sense. There is no addition to it. Why is this important? When it differs what we see as real it is hard to find consensus on a subject. It is like a axiom in mathematics. You need to find a base on which you agree on. As you may already know now, I am Christian, and this definition of reality is not trivial for us. But I say if this is not the case, it is really hard to discuss what is true. For example many religious people are saying that god is the true reality. But just for pragmatic reason let’s agree that he is not. God is only part of reality when him. The times when you feel fulfilled and when you close your eye you almost feel the touch of god.

For people not in faith this may seems strange. Try to see it in my framework of reality. When you’re thinking something or you’re having a feeling, this feeling or thought is real. Not especially what you are thinking of but the thought itself. I give an example: When I think of brown unicorns, then this thought is real. I have it. Neurologist may measure it but still brown unicorns aren’t real. (Everybody knows unicorns aren’t brown.) I don’t want to say god is as real as a unicorn but I say when you don’t experience god they are equally real.

Try to look at your paradigms and your worldview. On what are your paradigms based on. Which experiences manifest them. If you hardly can find any they may be wrong. How to shift paradigms it is important to be aware of your ego (My Blog about Ego). Assume you have read the Ego part. I now know you know that it is beneficial if you let your emotional binding to your worldview go. The most important thing is that you always do a reality check. Are the things happening as you expected. When not: What has to change in your worldview that your expectation hits? And as I have experienced many times I want to give you a hard baseline, what things you never should aspire, independent of your worldview. When you hurt many people without saving others, just because your worldview detest them you should not do it. If you think not to help dying children, or killing Moslems, or letting refugees die and so on is good in the long term. Please think again. Make a reality check. We are social and emphatic beings. Don’t betray your nature that much.

Maybe in another blog I will write about human design to make this last point clear. But I am aware that if one has too much time and lacks confrontation with the consequences of their thoughts, there is a good chance that this one will develop some crazy worldview.